MANCO FOODS is a modern fruit processing factory for the commercial processing of pineapple, mango and other seasonal fruits. The factory is situated at the heart of Vazhakulam which is known as the pineapple city. We are mainly dealing with the pineapple products using the branded vazhakulam pineapple. Supply of fresh pineapples comes mainly from the registered farmers. We are also manufacturing all seasonal fruit pulps. We have a wide range of products made from fruit pulp.

Our Registered Company website : www.mancofoods.com


As the factory is situated in an area that produces an abundance of premium quality horticulture products, the fruits procured for processing are very fresh and used immediately after harvesting. Produced by selected farmers from the best quality suckers and managed with care from planting to harvest, the produce is plucked at the perfect moment for processing. The Company gives prime importance to quality checks at every stage of production. Under controlled processing conditions, the products reach the market with uniform taste, aroma and flavor. Mechanized processing at every stage ensures that quality is maintained throughout.

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